Welcome To Indian Hills Winery!!

At Indian Hills Winery, we are a family-owned business operated by Martie and his wife Nicole, who bring a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for winemaking. Martie, a true country boy at heart, spent four years serving in the United States Air Force, where he honed his discipline and dedication. He’s a man of many talents, having dabbled in various forms of farming, from tending gardens to raising hogs. After years of running a cattle farm and providing custom hay baling services alongside his father, Martie made a transition due to his allergies and his father’s retirement. Today, he shares his knowledge and passion for agriculture as a fourth-grade teacher in the local school district.

With a strong foundation in farming and a love for the countryside, Martie and Nicole have channeled their expertise and enthusiasm into the art of winemaking, bringing the essence of their rural roots to every bottle produced at Indian Hills Winery.